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Expressing Gratitude with Your Preschooler

Posted on 10-23-2017

Expressing gratitude with your preschooler may sometimes feel like one more task on your overflowing to-do list, a priority that is repeatedly pushed aside in the midst of your busy schedule. But the practice of thankfulness does not have wait for the Thanksgiving holiday—or take much of your time or effort in the midst of daily life! In fact, you can add gratitude to your family’s everyday routine in a few simple steps!

The Value of Gratitude

When people recognize and appreciate the goodness in their lives, they are expressing gratitude, also known as thankfulness or gratefulness. Harvard Medical School explains that gratitude has many benefits, including greater experience of positive emotions, increased ability to enjoy experiences, overall improvement in physical health, better preparation for challenging circumstances, and healthier relationships overall.

Ways to Express Gratitude with Your Preschooler

Share Together

Take turns during breakfast or dinner to express gratitude for good aspects of your lives. These may be significant, such as grandparents, a family vacation, or an important gift, or small, such as chocolate for dessert or time to play. Celebrate together how your lives have been positively impacted by these blessings!

Write it Down

Keep a gratitude journal as a family. Choose a certain time every day (or week) to record two or three things for which each member of the family is grateful. Agree upon times every year during which you will read back through entries together and celebrate all that has been good in your lives!

Say it in Person

Start a practice of saying “thank you” during visits with grandparents, cousins, and friends. Encourage your child to choose something specific for which to thank the other person, and then model the practice yourself. Talk together with your preschooler about how saying “thank you” and expressing gratitude can make you feel!

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