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New Year's Resolutions with Children

Posted on 01-10-2017

New Year’s resolutions with children might look a little bit different than the resolutions that we used to make because now we have little people depending on us to raise them into intelligent and kind adults. Here are three ideas to get your creative juices flowing as you consider the resolutions that you will make for your children in 2017.

Reinstate family dinners. Families that eat dinner together are much more likely to have close relationships and healthy communication. Reinstating family dinners ensures that everyone slows down enough to reengage with the family at the end of each day. It also gives everyone the opportunity to gather together and talk about their day and the struggles they’re facing, and through this, the family bond will grow stronger. This may require meal planning, but the results are well worth the effort.

Live in the moment instead of Instagramming it. Documenting important events is necessary, but documenting events just for the sake of putting it on social media might not be the best idea. Live in the moment, and enjoy what is going on around you. Capture the moment through photographs so that you can reflect on these moments in years to come. Document for the benefit of family memories, not likes on a post.

Simplify your life. Consider all of the things that your family is involved in and decide what things are really important, and what things can be set aside. Make room for more by doing less. Simply life, and focus on the things that bring joy and peace to your family.

Most importantly, prioritize your family. Before long, you’ll look up and the kids will be in high school, and then off to college. Cherish the younger years that you’re experiencing now, and take ahold of the time that you have, and make the most of it this coming year. 

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